Livingspring Chapel International – WHAT IT TAKES TO BE RICH AND WEALTHY
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The Sunday service was an extra-ordinary one today at the Living spring Chapel International, Dominion City at Aduloju Bus Top Ojo Express – Iwo Road this morning 12TH Feburary 2017, people of God danced, jubilated and rejoiced in the presence of God almighty

  • The opening service prayer was anchored by pastor Fasakin, He prayed that the today service should be a divine one and he prayed that the presence of God should descend in our in today service 12th Feburary 2017 and he prayed for the church and the nation
  • Brother Kunle led the Worship team and the people of God into God’s presence, It was a time of appreciation and jubilation.
  • The Turning Point reading exhortation was anchored by pastor Akande The message: BUY THE FUTURE NOW Quote of the day: ‘NOTHING GUARANTEES A GOOD FUTURE LIKE INVESTMENT anchored text: Mathew 13:44

In prayer for the church and Nation, he prayed for presiding that every plan evil against him should be paralyses, he also prayed that his good future should be for the progress of this Nation

  • Congregational Hymn was led by Sister Funmi- BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES

Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness,
Sowing in the noontide and the dewy eve;
Waiting for the harvest, and the time of reaping,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.

Testify number one thanked for His provisions despite recession and confrontation

Bro Dayo thank God for divine healing of her wife and howfar people of God has been  of an assistance to him

Also Testify number three thanked God for a divine intervention in her work

The Testify number Four thanked God for making Somebody out of Nobody

The living voices minister “HALLELUYAH” led by Brother Emeka

  • Presiding Pastor Femi Emmanuel mounted the podium

He started by declared power of God into the atmosphere, praised, worship and sang the song  EESE BABA…he furthered said God has been so good to us.


 Text : Mathew 6:31, 2 Corinthians 8:9 Ecclesiast 10:15

  • Correct mind set is the Foundation psalm 11:3
  • Discover what God gives you for success psalm 82:6, Jerimiah 1:5
  • Develop what is in You
  • Start working
  • A Mentor
  • Start saving
  • Build a career
  • Differ gratification
  • Don’t start building your personal house
  • Let your investment grow
  • Don’t be a one income source

Tithe : Presiding

Offering: Dr Jimoh





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