Livingspring Chapel International – PROPHETIC DECLARATION FOR 2017
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Thus says the Lord:

  1. 2017 will be an eventful year.
  2. It will be your year of New Realms.
  3. Despite recession and general economic adversities, I will make your case different. You will enjoy the covenant of divine exemption.
  4. Darkness may be all over Egypt but light will shine in your Goshen.
  5. I will put a seal of Dominion on your forehead.
  6. I will make you an ensign and cause others to learn from you. You will become an envy of your mates. You will excel in your industry.
  7. I will give you access to divine secrets that will distinguish you from others.
  8. Others may fall and fail, you will not, I will cause you to rise above all others.
  9. No power or force will be able to stop your progress this year.
  10. I have a settled plan to take you out of the challenges of this moment.
  11. I will cause you to prosper in all dimensions.
  12. You will prosper-spiritually, financially, materially, maritally, and socially.
  13. I created you to be an Empire builder; the resources you need to fulfill your mandate will start coming for you this year.
  14. I will give you keys to divine health. I will keep you in good health. Aches and pains, sicknesses and diseases will be far from you and members of your family.
  15. Things may be falling apart in the world, but for you, you will be multiplying and going higher.
  16. I will connect you to abundance – you will not know scarcity or lack.
  17. I will make you exceptionally fruitful.
  18. I will make you a person of quick understanding. You will increase in wisdom and supernatural brilliant ideas that will cause you to excel in time of austerity and recession.
  19. I will teach you the way to go in the New Year. I will tell you where to cast your net. Like Peter of old, you will attract a net-breaking and boat-sinking miracle. Your performance this year will be outstanding.
  20. I will remove generational curses from you and divert all arrows that are being shut at you.
  21. I will give you divine immunity and surround you with my holy angels.
  22. I will put you and your loved ones under my protection day and night. You will be shielded from calamities of the world.
  23. Doctors care, I cure. I am your great physician, I will heal you everywhere you are hurting at the moment.
  24. The challenges you experienced in the previous years shall be converted to new testimonies for you.
  25. You will be debt and stress-free this year. I will ensure continuous flow of resources to your life.
  26. This year, you will take delivery of all your entitlements. What belongs to you in people’s hands shall be given back to you.
  27. This year, I will send Angels in the form of men to help you out of all issues of concern.
  28. I will replace your tears with laughter; what you are afraid of, will not happen.
  29. Every form of barrenness shall be no more.
  30. I will make the barren women joyful mothers of children.
  31. Many babies will be born this year. Those waiting for babies will have plenty of them.
  32. Many weddings shall be conducted in your midst this years. Many tenants will become house owners.
  33. I will attend to all job seekers. Many of them will become job givers and employers of labour.
  34. I will attend to small scale business owners, small enterprises will become great industries.
  35. I will do amazing and awesome things in your midst this year.
  36. Dream new dreams and have a renewed vision this year – I will cause your dreams to be fulfilled and your visions to manifest for the world to see.
  37. I will be your Jehovah Jireh, I will supply all your needs.
  38. I will give you many divine encounters this year. I will give you new opportunities.
  39. I will give you victories with no injuries.
  40. I will cause you to know what others do not know and see what they cannot see. You will rule and reign in the midst of your enemies.
  41. There shall be no death in your midst. Death sentences against you are cancelled.
  42. However, get your priorities right to enjoy my divine provisions.
  43. My blessings are conditional; make your ways right before me.
  44. Every couple should come together and settle their differences – for I am not a God of confusion; I cannot operate where there is disagreement, tension or rancour.
  45. Remove all evils and sins from you so that my work will not be hindered.
  46. I am not an anyhow God, I am purposeful orderly and structured. Put your life in order. Put your home in order and put your work in order.
  47. Give me quality time of service – make yourself available for my service, you cannot go down serving me.
  48. Be committed to my work and my house.
  49. Give me more of your time, space and resources.
  50. Partner with me in all aspect of my kingdom work – then you will walk under an open heaven.
  51. Be ready to obey instructions and humble yourself. Submit yourself to church authority and be a team player.
  52. All I promise to do for you are predicated on your obedience to my word, commitment to service, addiction to sowing and absolute loyalty to my church and her leadership.
  53. My coming is nearer now than ever. Be a soul winner by joining the cell group to grow and win more souls.
  54. Let me be the priority of your life and all other things will fall in line.
  55. If you will follow these guidelines and give yourself to serving and giving, then will I glorify myself in your life.
  56. I will show my strength and glory to the world through my doings in your life.
  57. I will make you strong, great and very great.
  58. Get ready; this year will be your sweetest, stressless and greatest year ever.
  59. You shall be congratulated severally this year.
  60. Welcome to your year of NEW REALMS.