Livingspring Chapel International – POWER FOR THE RACE
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The Sunday service was an extra-ordinary one today at the Living spring Chapel International, Dominion City at Aduloju Bus Top Ojo Express – Iwo Road way this morning 29TH January 2017, people of God danced, jubilated and rejoiced in the presence of God almighty being the Anointing service

  • The opening service prayer was anchored by pastor Israel, He prayed that the Word of God that will come out from the mouth of His servant should operate in power in today service 29th January 2017 and he prayed for the church and the nation
  • Sister Funmi and Ballo led the Worship team and the people of God into God’s presence, It was a time of appreciation and jubilation.
  • The Turning Point reading exhortation was anchored by pastor Akande The message: A WORD FROM THE LORD Quote of the day: ‘A WORD FROM GOD IS ENOUGH anchored text: Act 9:4

In prayer for the church, Nation and presiding that God should use this time to bless us abundantly at the same time prayed that God should increase us in wisdom

  • Congregational Hymn was led by Sister Funmi- STANDING ON THE PROMISES OF GOD
    Standing on the promises of Christ my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.


Bro Dayo thank God for a wonderful presentation in the place of his work

Also Sister Kehinde thanked God and blessed Him with Song

  • Birthday celebrants were prayed for
  • Also the wedding Anniversary celebrants were prayed for
  • The living voices minister “ GRATEFUL” led by Balogun I bironke
  • Presiding Pastor Femi Emmanuel mounted the podium

He started by declared power of God into the atmosphere, praised, worship and sang the song  THEN SING MY SOUL……he furthered prayed for everyone under the sound of his voice that God will shower our Life, and that as will worship everyone will get something from God

Message Title:

  • Each life is a race I Isiah 40:31,Daniel 11:32,Mark 16:17


  • God
  • Word
  • Your Pastor


  • For empowerment
  • For adequate supply
  • For the warfare


  • Fast and hunger for power
  • Strong desire for power Mathew 5:6
  • Study the Word of God Hebrew 1:3
  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Faith dimension
  • Total service to God in the Church

Tithe & Offering: Presiding





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