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  • BCOS RADIO: 7:10am – 7:15am (Monday-Thursday & Saturday),
  • OGBC:8:05am – 8:10am (Monday- Friday)

Join Femi Emmanuel’s whatsapp club today!

Numbers 23:20a – Behold, I have received a commandment to bless.
Every morning, under divine inspiration, I bring exciting, incisive and impactful 5mins ministration to all members of the whatsaap club. This is followed by prophetic prayers to empower you for success, divine direction and breakthrough in all
your assignments for the day. You will learn a new thing daily. If God is blessing you through me, nocurse or enchantments against you can stand.
How to join: save my whatsapp number,
+2348051600201 on your phone. Simply text Hi, or Hello from your whatsaap line to get registered and enjoy inspiring messages every day of the
week. As you receive my message, rebroadcast it to everyone on your whatsapp contact.
We plan to reach 10million people.
Be blessed and also become a blessing.
Join us to reach the world!
Femi Emmanuel.
For more information, call 08056434758., or

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