Livingspring Chapel International – History & Anthem
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History & Anthem

History & Anthem

20th Anniversary LogoThe Church was inaugurated on Saturday, 18th December, 1993 with a handful of people in the Parliament Building, Government Secretariat, Ibadan Oyo State. With locational restriction of only 2 meetings per week (Sunday Service and Tuesday Bible Study) coupled with poor commercial transportation on weekends, the Church struggled to grow in the first three (3) years of existence.As the church began to grow, and entered its third year, the military came  in to abort the civil rule on June 22, 1993. There were petitions to the then Military Administrator alleging us of converting the state parliament building into religions house. This eventually led to the exit of the church from the first venue.

God then divinely located us to Miracle Auditorium with tremendous favour and outstanding results. Global spread started from here and we are now blessed with a Covenant Home in the heart of Ibadan City called DOMINION CITY, the venue of our annual convention for all Livingspringers Worldwide.

You are welcome to the livingspring chapel
You are welcome to the lifting church.
You are welcome to the livingspring chapel
You are welcome to the loving church
She’s fresh enough to refresh you
Rich enough to enrich you
Large enough to contain you
We love you
And Jesus loves you more

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