Livingspring Chapel International – Directorate of Training
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Directorate of Training

This is a major arm of the Church that coordinates all activities that involve impartation of knowledge, training, re-training and man-power developments. Mat. 28:20.

(1) National Level: Residing at the National Headquarters of the Church, Dominion City, Aduloju Bus Stop, Iwo Road-Ojoo Expressway, Ibadan.

(2) Regional Level: We presently operate in four (4) Regions in Nigeria.

(i) Western Region: With the headquarter at Dominion City, Ibadan.
(ii) Northern Region: With the headquarters at Jabi, Abuja.
(iii) South-South-East Region: With the Headquarters at Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.
(iv) Lagos Region: With the headquarters at 12, Adeniji Jones, Ikeja, Lagos.

(3) Assembly Level: Having a Training Department in all our Assemblies worldwide, saddled with the responsibility of training our members on basic knowledge of Christianity and membership orientation course.

(1) Training Arm: that oversees In-house Training Programmes in the Church from the National Headquarters to Regions, to States and Local Assemblies. This Arm handles Bible Believers Class (BCC) and Membership Training Programme (MTP) at the assembly level.

This arm also handles Departmental Trainings, Staffs and Personnel Training, On-the-job Training, Pastoral Training, Ordination Training, House Fellowship Leaders Training, House Fellowship Teaching Outline Production, Seminar Papers, Retreat Materials, etc.

This arm is centrally coordinated from the National Headquarters.

(2) Ministry Arm: This is a bifurcation that gave birth to Christ International College of Ministries (CICOM) since 1997. This arm organizes training programmes for the entire body of Christ. She had produced thousands of Pastors, thousands of Diploma Certificate holders and thousands of certificate programme holders. CICOM programmes include;

(i) Fundamental Certificate Course (F.C.C.): It’s a 1 month, 4 Saturdays Training Programme in Christian Fundamentals (11 Courses Programme).

(ii) Leadership Discovery Course (L.D.C.): It’s a 1 month, 4 Saturdays Training Programme in Leadership Development (11 Courses Programme).

(iii) School of Leadership & Ministry/Pastoral School.
It’s a 5-month Training Programme in Ministry, Humanities, Leadership, Ethical Conducts, Theology, Administration & Management and Service. It’s a 31 Courses Programme with practical postings and project writing.

(1) Bible Believers Class (B.C.C.)
(2) Membership Training Programme (M.T.P.)
(3) House Fellowship Leaders Training Programme.
(4) Ordination Training Programme
(5) Fundamental Certificate Course (F.C.C.)
(6) Leadership Discovery Course (L.D.C.)
(7) School of Leadership & Ministry/Pastoral School.
(8) In-house Workers & Leaders Training/Seminars/Conferences.

(1) Fundamental Certificate Course (F.C.C.)
Date: 1st, 8th, 15th, & 22nd February, 2014.
Time: 12noon – 5pm.

(2) Leadership Discovery Course (L.D.C.)
Date: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th March, 2014.
Time: 12noon – 5pm.

(3) School of Leadership & Ministry (Pastoral School)
Date: May – September, 2014
Time: Fridays (5-7:30)PM &
Saturdays (12-5)PM.

NB: (i) All lectures hold at Dominion City, Aduloju Bus Stop,
Iwo Road-Ojoo Expressway, Ibadan.
(ii) Regional Calendar will be out soon.

For Enquiries, Call:
Director, Directorate of Training & Dean of Academics, CICOM
+2348055965080, +2348098965080

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