Livingspring Chapel International – About Us
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About Us

Livingspring Chapel int’l is not just another church. It is a place where your destiny is imparted for  earthly relevance and Kingdom assurance. At Livingspring, the words you will hear often are “Love” and “Lifting”.

Christianity is all about love. Love as ordained by God. When you live a life of love, your life takes a turn for glory and honour, for progress and protection, for beauty and for blessing. Therein lies the lifting. This is the life that Jesus died for – a lifted life. Jesus himself was a product of love (John 3:16). He lived for it (1 John 3:16) and He died for it (Romans 5:8). He is coming back for it (John 14:15, Rev.22:12-14). We are a people of communal love –Koinonia (Acts 2:42 and Romans 12:10).